About Entrust Internship

Church Ministry Internship Program run by Agano Theological School exists to train, disciple and develop future church leaders. 

Our goal is to entrust the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to 2 Timothy 2:2 to young men and women who are exploring a call or serve alongside those called to church ministry. Our aim is to see individuals who join the Internship program lead themselves and be able to lead others in godliness.


Starting in January 2021, Church Ministry Internship Program is seeking to recruit, train and entrust the gospel to twelve interns for nine months.

As an intern you will trained in three main areas: True Christian doctrine, Christian Character and Christian ministry.

Why do we have The Church Ministry Internship Program?

Agano School of Theology has a passion to see God glorified through reaching out, building up and sending out faithful gospel workers. The Church Ministry Internship Program is a key part of that vision, as we seek to train and build up God’s people for a lifetime’s service by entrusting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the future church leaders.

The various aspects of the internship aim to do this by: training in Sound doctrine, Bible expositions and practical Christian ministry.

Our hope is that the Internship will be used to strengthen individuals in their identity as Christian men and women, and in their ability to serve Christ in the local church.

We pray that as interns spend one year with us they will grow in areas that will train them to serve the wider church in the future, and help some decide whether full-time gospel ministry is something they would like to consider.

The Internship Program has three goals for each intern:

  1. Character-our hope is that the internship will help these young Christian men and women grow in Christ-like character.
  2. Convictions-we also desire to see the Lord use the Internship program to help them develop strong gospel convictions that will help them for a lifetime of service.
  3. Competence-We also desire to see the interns transitioning into their next steps having become more competent in teaching God’s word.

What is distinctive about The Church Ministry Internship Program?

We aim to equip you with a proper understanding of the Bible, culminating to transformation of lives to the glory of God and service that would be fruitful in honoring Christ.

  • Understanding-knowing the Bible, trusting the Bible as God’s Word.
  • Transformation-Lives being changed in response in knowing what the Bible teaches.
  • Service-A person being able to preach the Bible faithfully and model it to his hearers what it means to be a Christian servant.
  • Ministry mentorship-You will be mentored by qualified coaches. These coaches are committed to equipping you with necessary ministry skills while helping you grow spiritually.
  • Promoting a reading culture-You will benefit from our well stocked library and get some free books for your own library

Who are we looking for?

  • Anyone who has a Christian faith.
  • Anyone with zeal to live faithfully for Christ.
  • Anyone who want to know and understand the Bible.
  • Anyone looking for the opportunities to serve the Lord Jesus.
  • Anyone who is teachable.
  • Anyone passionate about witnessing Christ to non-Christians.
  • Anyone willing to be trained.
  • Anyone aged between 18 years-30 years.

The internship will be in three parts:

  • Saturdays 9 a.m-1p.m for those who are busy during the weekdays
  • Resident interns-for those coming outside Nakuru will have bi-weekly intensive sessions.
  • Regular interns-their session will run Monday through Friday for the interns living in Nakuru.

Some details:

  • The Internship ‘year ‘starts in January 2021.
  • The Internship is free absolutely free.
  • You will be mentored by our staff team.
  • We will develop a competency pack (certificate) which will give you something to show for your time with us in preparation for possible future ministry involvement.
  • Dedicated time for guided reading and personal investment.

Is the Church Ministry Internship Program for you?

This program is meant for those seriously considering or currently in gospel ministry. If you believe this Internship would benefit your development as gospel worker, we urge you to register now.

Registration is ongoing.

For more information, please contact:         +2547044866166   |   internship.agano@cbcnakuru.org

Looking for ministry internship?

Then welcome to Entrust Program